Body Mass Index and Body Fat – Lose weight the right way!

 The easiest way to self – determination of BMI (body mass index). To calculate it, take your height (in meters) and square it. To divide the resulting number its mass in kilograms.   The norm of 18 to 20 kg / m square for the average type – 20-22, for good – 22-24.Body Mass Index Slim

Body Mass Index Units – how to Really  measure Losing Weight.

Gender differences do not usually take into account the BMI. If you keep within these limits, then you do not have to worry about.

Excess of 10% – also not a reason for a special emotion.  With an increase in Body Mass Index of 20-30% should think about changing their eating behavior, but if 50%, then go to the doctor.

Body Mass Index and the Big Picture.

BMI shows only the big picture. Now scientists in Europe developed special relations volume indices of different parts of the body (this was even a story in the “Euro-News”). The fact that it is important not only to the total amount of fat, but the nature of its distribution.

While these indices are developed, we use what is already known. This is a development of German scientists. Measure the amount of your waist and divide this by the hip measurement.

 Some Body Mass Index measures

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