Body Mass Index – How to Lose Weight Safely!

If the resulting number in the range 0.85 (male 1), and a BMI above the norm, then you – , whether you are the type of Rubens and Kustodiev , and an obesity has little effect on the health and losing weight does not depend on your aesthetic perceptions .

 Body mass index weight

If the number is greater than 0.85, then you have – android (male) type of fat distribution, that is, it focuses mainly on the abdomen (the Germans called these people “apple”), and you face hypertension, heart attack and other “charms – harm’s”.

In this case, the correction weight is required, but it is not possible without an increase in physical activity.

Body Mass Index – what if the index is below 0.65?


If the index is less than 0.65, then you have (femalee) type of completeness (“pear” in German, and where the fat, no need to explain). It is fraught with overweight varicose veins, arthritis, knee, etc.

With this type of obesity is difficult to fight because it is local enough, and neither diet nor exercise significantly will be ble to help.

In this case, the main way to adjust their eating behavior so that deposits do not grow. Then you can start thinking about their decrease.

We understand the question: “And whether it is necessary to lose weight?” Now consider the following: “If you lose weight, how?”. Subject – absolutely immense, and discuss its possible indefinitely.

We all need to understand the general principles of the approach to the problem and learn how to avoid pitfalls and hype of various charlatans.

Body Mass Index and Ways to Loose Weight.

– All tools for quick weight loss are, or laxatives, or diuretics. Some of them may contain biologically active substances such as drugs.

– With the rapid weight loss produced huge amounts of water for excretion from the body which required hard work of the heart and kidneys.


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