Body Mass Index -How Does BMI Work?

I had to take up his tight supply, virtually abandoning the pasta, bread, potatoes and go to the fruit, poultry, fish and vegetables. Three months the sample weight was.  Then the weight slowly crept down – about 1 kg per month.

body mass index caloriesThe program storage shut down. Now you can occasionally eat fried potatoes.

This is an example of “biological pendulum.” Its essence is that for every action the body responds with greater resistance to amplitude.

Body Mass Index – Second principle in action:


The second principle: “To lose weight, you need to restrict the admission of fat reserves.” To do this:

Reduce the amount of fat (animal) food, replacing it with vegetable. Just can not give up fat. You can go without fat-soluble vitamins.

– Between the adipocytes, store fat and muscle cells work, there is competition for oil. On the digestion of fat takes about 4 hours. Therefore, after 3-4 hours after eating fatty foods, it makes sense to exercise your muscles.

– It should be possible to exclude from the food products that make up the digestion of glucose, ie, sucrose (sugar) and all starches (corn, potatoes, rice). Substitute fat to 70% is formed from glucose.

Body Mass Index -Te third principle:


The third principle: “You have to activate the exit from the depot fat and burn it.”

To do this:

– The main consumer of oil – the working muscles. Therefore, we need exercise.

– “Burning” of fat requires about 2 liters of oxygen per 1 gram of fat. So, if you promise that you will lose without a load of 5 kg of fat per month, you will need to breathe 25 times per minute.

Thus, the main way to remove the Extra fat and stay Healthy – exercise in the fresh air

One Way to Calculate your Body Mass Index



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