Body Mass Index – How to Calculate BMI.

Working muscles need to get enough oxygen, that is, sitting and even gymnastics in a stuffy room – are ineffective. If the muscles do not work, then everything goes to the liver.

body mass indexIn the liver, fatty acids can be converted into 3 product: Fat, cholesterol and ketone bodies. Excess fat in the liver causes fatty degeneration of (fatty cirrhosis).

The excess cholesterol leads to increased atherosclerosis and the development of diseases of the cardiovascular system.

Ketone bodies are needed for heart and kidney, but their excess is converted to acetone, which is not helpful to us (urine, breath and skin smell like acetone).

Body Mass Index and Quick Weight Loss.

Let’s try to evaluate the effectiveness of rapid weight loss.  Consider a simple situation in life. You went on a trip. Especially a lot of money and you do not need to coordinate their spending with income.

You have calculated all of their expenses: transport, the hotel is on entertainment, excursions, the food, to buy and still have something “in reserve”.

Temptations were many, and you have spent everything they could, and then another and got into debt. As you will now prepare for the next holiday?

You will begin to gently “squeezed” current expenditure in order to save a large amount of leave and the “nest egg” to have a bit thicker.

The same effect the body. Once you quickly stripped him of his stock, he moves to “save mode” and tries not only to restore the reserves, but to increase them.

What The Body Mass Index Is

Here is an example, I’m sorry, it is from personal experience. I’ve always been overweight, and it’s hereditary. The operation of aorto-coronary bypass leg, with 89 kg. 3 days after surgery showed that left 81.

Knowing their genetics, have not drink sugar, butter and still keep some limitations. Therefore, hoping to keep the weight. After 2 months, of which one at the hospital diet (it will not clear), weighed 93.


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