Blood Type Diet – How to Lose Weight?

People with these two blood group, it is recommended to focus on the following products:

Soybeans, legumes, buckwheat, vegetables and seafood.

But the diet is to limit foods such as wheat, potatoes, mayonnaise, ketchup. Meat is desirable to completely eliminate from the diet.

Blood Type Diet for #3 blood group.

Population migration to the north, where the predominant harsh climate led to a third of people with blood group, the so-called “nomads”

Have a strong immune system, “nomads”, can more easily choose foods than those in groups 1 and 2 levels.

   “Nomads” – the main consumers of milk and dairy products. A physical and mental activity helps them to maintain high spirits and great shape.

People with a third blood group recommend limiting the consumption of: chicken, tomatoes and sunflower oils, soy products, mutton.

Favorable food for the “nomads” are:

mackerel, cheese, olive oil, oatmeal, rice, cabbage, plums.

Contribute to the accumulation of fats:

Corn, lentils, buckwheat, peanuts and sesame seeds.

Weight loss actively promote:

Red meat, liver, liver, low-fat dairy products, green vegetables and eggs.

Blood type Diet #4 blood group.

  This is the youngest, it appeared less than a thousand years ago as a result of mixing the remaining 3 groups of blood.

   People with the fourth group of blood very quickly respond to changes in diet. They have a sensitive digestive system and immune tolerant.

The main food for four blood groups are:

Low-fat dairy products, lamb, vegetables and fruits, wheat bread.

Should limit the use of:

Beef, flounder, crab and salmon, bacon, whole milk.

Of course, the blood type diet is very interesting and promising, but when choosing products for the diet for blood group should be guided primarily by personal characteristics of an organism.

With the Blood Type Diet the weight loss is going back  the basics and scientifically using our human history anthropology.

   So, before you start a diet on the blood group, you should consult with your doctor.

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