Best Way to Lose Weight – How to Lose Weight Naturally.

In some of the previous posts we have discussed various aspects of the diet – a biochemical picture, the problem of regaining weight loss

best way to lose weight tipsAnd yet, what is the practice to arrange a diet to make it more effective?

So, what is the best way to Lose weight?

First of all, the diet should be full.

   We have already discussed in the previous posts: there are many substandard diets, and they are harmful because the body does not receive some of the essential nutrients.

Complete Starvation – The worst enemy of your “Best way to lose weight” Diet.

   Particularly undesirable is complete starvation. Not only that fasting has a mass of harmful side effects, so it can be deadly if the wrong practice has been applied for awhile.

Nutritious diet, remember, there are three types:

   the main (full-calorie – 1700-2300 cal, fat loss – up to 50 grams per day), reduced (daily calories – 1200-1500 cal, fat loss – up to 100 grams per day) and strict diet (daily calories – 400-800 calories, fat loss – up to 200 grams a day).

   Judging by the health benefits, then the best – the main diet, as the weight decreases very gradually – no more than 50 grams a day, and at the end of the phenomenon is almost no recoil.

   And everything is good, but people complain that such speed weight loss seems too slow.

Maximum rate of weight loss – about 200 grams per day – provides a rigid diet.

   It is therefore advisable to take it as a basis for the organization of discharge diet. But strict diet does have its drawbacks – painful weight gain after graduation.

Therefore, the most effective how to lose weight diet- not a tough one, as in “framing” and reduced the basic diet.

Consider for a start, how to start unloading the diet. You can, of course, to start immediately with a strict diet.

But, as practice shows, it is often very painful.

The Best way to Lose Weight starts with the preparation.

starts with “preparation” for a strict diet, one week – the basic diet for two weeks – reduced diet, and then – tough diet to achieve your desired weight.

Learn more about how to deal with hunger during dieting and fasting, see below.

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