Best Way to Lose Weight – How Many Calories to Lose Weight?

Just to begin the experiment it can be 800 calorie diet.

 best way to lose weight diet  If at this diet if you do not have symptoms of ketoacidosis, it is possible to reduce calorie daily diet to 700 calories … and so gradually decrease until you reach the ketoacidosis.

  One of the keys to finding the Best way to lose weight   – personal observation.

We have conducted an experiment, and I tried on myself and found out that for me, that this boundary value equal to 700 kcal.

That is, when this diet ketoacidosis is not observed and can safely carry out a rigid diet. For you this  value may be different.

Once you have figured out for yourself this calories threshold, you can spend on a rigid diet  for a daily caloric content, or for a little more.

   And to comply with such a diet to achieve your desired weight. And then move on to the final stage.

Does the best way to lose weight include special dieting?

One of the most frequently  asked questions are about what to eat while handling diets. Therefore, we consider a sample of high-grade food diets.

The basic diet – is, in fact, therapeutic diet and here is a description.

Function: lose weight by reducing caloric intake (mostly carbohydrates, to a lesser extent at the expense of fat).

Forbidden: sharp, spicy, smoked, salted meals and snacks, spices seasonings, salty, firm meat and fish broth, sugar, honey, jam, candy, chocolate, confectionery, ice cream and alcohol.

Sharply limited to flour, pasta, cereals. Only black bread and a limited amount of 200 g of sugar is replaced by sweeteners. Table salt added to food is permitted at a rate of 5-8 g per day.

Allowed: black bread 200 grams, soups vegetable broth, low meat, fish, mushroom broth with vegetables no more than half plates, dishes, lean meat, poultry, fish, side dishes of vegetables (cabbage, cucumber, zucchini, tomatoes , radish, lettuce).All of these green stuff is awesome healthy remedies for many diseases.

   Dishes of potatoes, beets, carrots – less than 200 grams per day. Milk, milk products, cottage cheese, low fat, the dishes of cottage cheese, sour cream (20-30 g).

   Butter and vegetable to add to the cooked food, tea, weak coffee, juice from acidic fruits and berries, alkaline, mineral water. Read next post for more on how to lose weight.

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