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Probably you have wondered why nobody was able to start a new life on “Monday”?  

Best Way To lose weightIt is because starting a new life – means to break away from the old lifestyle and simultaneously replace them with new ones.

One of the cornerstones to the Best Way to Lose Weight is setting new healthy lifestyle in place.

   But the body has adapted to the previous order, and the transition that new style needs time for adjustment.

Best Way To Lose Weight is the one that follows a permanent Diet.

   The organism is adapted to some previous diet, nutrition and the abrupt change in quantity and quality is to the body serious stress.

   And the desire from the body to eat continues to be expressed in an acute sense of hunger.

   But if you endure, it will gradually become dull due to adaptation of the new diet.

Therefore it is better to enter into the diet gradually.

I think the the Best way to lose weight is to not eat  allot, right?

   Do not just seek to “sit down” with 500 calories per day! It is best to begin to hold a preparatory period: try 2300 calories a day, then – in 2000, then – in 1800 and since then gradually decrease.

   And before starvation also desirable to conduct traini. Such gradualism may significantly reduce hunger.

Great significance for fasting are distracting activities.

This may be reading books, watching TV and videos, listening to radio and music, travel the Internet, various intellectual pursuits, communication and virtual reality.

But we must not forget that you have a taboo subject for conversation and ideas – a gastronomic issues.

From what I understand, the Best Way to Lose Weight excludes starvation, correct?

With a good diet makes a positive impact eating large amounts of low-calorie foods such as cabbage, greens … However, in starvation, this is not possible.

Not a bad result for appetite suppression and weight loss has the supplement Spirulina. If you apply at least 2 tablets (0.5 g) 3 times a day for half an hour before a meal, it will reduce the human need for food. But if you use Spirulina with meals (or after), then the effect will not be seen.

Kept on a diet very well and helps the game component. To do this, turn the diet into the game.

The first option can be successfully used in diets as and when in starvation- a game with the numbers of its weight.

Very interesting and exciting to watch as it gradually decreases body weight in the daily weigh-in.

   Must be weighed once a day, morning fasting and after using the toilet. One persons said “It was an exciting experience – to see how pounds disappear before our eyes.

   I’ve never seen anything like it.” Just make a game out of this best way to lose weight journey- make it fun!!

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