Best Way to Lose Weight – Healthy Eating Plan.

Once the weight is close to what you want, you can not abruptly jump to a regular diet, as the fear of recoil is not prominent.

best way to lose weight menuSo good first “sit” on a reduced diet for a week .

I assure you that after the strict diet that would be quite easy) and then, as long as possible for you to stay on the main diet, so the body has time to get adapted to the new weight.

When looking at the best way to Lose Weight, remember that effective diet should consist of three stages:

  • preparatory (during which the caloric daily intake is reduced gradually to a rigid diet),

the main (rigid diet that lasts as long as necessary to achieve the desired weight) and final (for which is a gradual increase to the basic diet diet and the body adapts to the new weight in order to avoid rollback).

   Some preparatory stage of losing weight might not be needed. In particular, you can always start a diet right from the main stage.

The Best Way To Lose Weight – Pick the Right Diet:

A major challenge is the correct selection of caloric strict diet.

   No wonder all the nutritionists warn that the reduction in energy intake in the body below a certain threshold (the most frequently cited value of 800 kcal) is unhealthy and can even be dangerous.

   And they’re right. If too much lower calorie daily diet, then you can go on a diet to a partial starvation, which can actually seriously damage your health.

There is clearly marked point , delimited by partial starvation diet. That value for each individual person is unique and should be selected empirically.

Remember, the difference between partial starvation and a rigid diet.

   In case of partial and total fasting if ketoacidosis is observed then the rigid diet is not appropriate in this case and has to be stooped immediately.

   Manifested ketoacidosis acetone smell from mouth, as well as  you can feel smell like the presence of acetic taste of urine and from the sweat while you lose weight.

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