Best Way to Lose Weight -How Many Calories is that?

Caloric content and the ratio of individual products is determined individually depending on the best way to lose weight fastnature of obesity, energy consumption, portability, most diets.

The standard diet chemically includes protein – 120-130 g, fat – 80 g, carbohydrates – 120 g. Calories – 1800 cal on average.

   Better to be equal to the daily caloric content of basal metabolism.

Best Way To Lose Weight – What is the Proper Diet?

Diet – the fractional meal 5-6 times a day in small portions.

Reducing diet is qualitatively similar to the core, but its caloric content is about half as much.

About the same rules apply to a strict diet. But because of the smallness of the diet is hardly possible to arrange a variety during the day. Sample menu strict diet (a total of – 515 cal) may be so.

Cod 100 g – 70 calories
Black bread 100 g – 250 cal
Flaxseed oil 1 tbsp – 135 cal
Sauerkraut 400g – 40 calories
200 g cucumbers – 25 cal.

Of course, you can choose other foods, but the total calories should be only slightly larger than the value of the ketoacidosis for you.

Let’s look more a very topical issue.

The best Way to Lose Weight you choose should not drive you starving!

  One of the biggest problems when you lose weight is an acute sense of hunger during dieting and fasting.

Sometimes it can be tormenting and hard especially when you are outside but hunger can be reduced by using some techniques.

First of all, we must think about the reasons for this feeling of hunger during unloading.

   Of course, any of you might cry but you completely understand the reason – lack of an objective nutrient from food!

Granted, the way it is. But there is another component – a sharp change in the usual way of lifestyle.

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