Ballerina Diet How to Lose Weight a Healthy Way.

Low Carb Diet – do they really work?

ballerina diet

Low Fat Diet plan menu for Women – The ballerina Diet.

1 serving of food must be divided  2 times

Soups are an independent food and eaten with other food,

Do not combine in one meal meat and fish, as they are heterogeneous protein,

eat dairy products by a hair-fat, ie, the choice of milk and its products give preference Normalized dairy products, and if possible, and such milk diluted with ice.

Remove from the food the mayonnaise, and if you can not live without it, cook it yourself without the yolks and salt and add the prepared sauce 1 / 3 nonfat yogurt,

do not use salt when cooking, and try to replace it with seasonings and soy sauce, dripping it into the finished dish to the plate.

drink at least 30 minutes before a meal and not earlier than 1 hour after meal.

and of course, 1.5 – 2 liters of mineral carbonated water per day (it’s in our temperate climate).

You see, that ballerina Diet is mot hard to implement, and now you know how to lose weight, too. Luck!

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