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Balanced Diet:Post-exercise meal is the best to split at  2-3 regular food intakes.

   The end of the workout, 15 minutes after lifting the last weight is the best time for consumption of protein shake (whey is the best choice). 2 hours after the “fast” protein

comes the chicken / turkey breast, grilled fish, omelet or other high protein food with moderate to low fat in combination with vegetables.

  Night eating is very necessary for people with fast metabolism or those eating a split basis. It is desirable mix of mostly protein foods of different origin (eggs, cheese, meat, eggs and many others.).

How to prepare a meal to for The Balanced Diet regime?

Frying and fried foods  are predominantly filled them with fat, making them slower to digest.

   This should not be allowed when food are cooked. Preferably not fried and do not panic when you’re in a period of lower subcutaneous fat.

You can boil, bake, steam to boil or steam food of high carbohydrate group. It is desirable that the fruit be eaten raw, vegetables and sprouts and raw, stewed or steamed.
What type of training will be most effective in accordance with arrangements of this type?

The arrangement allows for all types of physical activities that come within the scope of power, speed, speed and power sports complexes and exercises.

How the Balanced Diet will affect my health?

This mode is very bearable and healthy, provided it is individualized.

   Often The balanced Diet is touted as the most rational diet. This is an intermediate regime, occurring convenient crossroads, giving a relative relaxation of your body from the most extreme restrictions on nutrient regimes to lose weight.

   Above all, this mode allows for easy entry and exit at times of lower subcutaneous fat.

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