Average Size of Male Organ – what can I do to be BigGer?

You can really maximize the size you are having now.

Just have to follow sthe avergae size of male organ, average penis sizeome guideline, in terms of the positions for sex.

However, there is hope.

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 The most effective position for a man who is underdeveloped is the doggy-style position since you will reach further into her vagina.

Average Size of Male Organ and how to use it the best?

 Very Important:To stimulate the walls of her vagina and the clitoris, all you have to do is move her legs together.

Sex-ercising this will not only create a more explosive orgasm for her, but this will cause you to orgasm like crazy as well since this position massages the penis like nothing else!

     Average Size of Male Organ and what are the advantages of having Bigger than Average Penis?

First and foremost- it is self confidence. A man who has self confidence will perform the whole sexual activity much better.

The double edge sword here is if the man has an average size of male organ and his partner reaffirms that his penile length is perfect for her, his self confidence is boosted and so is their sex life.

In a relationship the penile length, if it is bigger, should aim for one purpose only and that is to pleasure the lady more.

With bigger penis size you have the options to do many other things.

When a man does increase his member size, mainly due to muscle building, he should also be improving his erection strength and his endurance.

So the intercourse will no longer be ‘wham bam thank you mam’; but a well coordinated sexual experience , and that should make the women have multiple orgasms, too.

Average size of Male Organ – do you want to Increase The Longevity of  Your  Sex?

There is one penis exercise that can really boost your sex act. One thing you can do if you have a small or average mens penis size is increase how long before you ejaculate.

In order to do this effectively, you have to strengthen your puboccocygeus muscle (or PC muscle). This muscle resides right under your testicles towards the anus.

This muscle is where ejaculate flows through. If this muscle is strengthened (properly), you will be able to extend how long you hold your ejaculate, and the intensity of your ejaculation will also increase.

There are natural penis enlargement exercises which will help you go beyond the average size of male organ. The best way to strengthen this muscle is by doing kegel exercises on your penis.

To Start Start Building Bigger Penis

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These penis enlargement exercises are very simple to do and will certainly strengthen your PC muscle for just a couple of weeks.

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