Average Penis Size? There are remedies for it, too.

Would you add to your penis 2.5-5 cm in length or girth, if you had the least chance? If you have ever occurred to such fantasies, then … do not let go of this article. It is written for you.

The cult of the phallus existed at all times. In ancient Chinese treatise phallus called “jade scepter” in Persian and Arabic poems attributed to him tales of incredible, almost magical properties.




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Average penis size – How was the Penis Cult In The Old Day?

And the ancient Greeks even had a special god – Priapus, is revered for huge genitals. And until now, phallic symbols are considered sacred in India, Thailand, New Zealand and in many African tribes.

Delight Arab big phallus was due to an ancient Muslim aphorism-that “a woman prefers an extra inch in the male penis to all that she can give like that, and another world.”

Disproportionately large male member is the main topic of many Japanese “books at night.” In Europe, the Renaissance came into fashion for men codpiece bills that would allocate more protruding between his legs hill.

It all started probably since prehistoric times. Savages could personally observe the scene of copulation giant mammoths, wild buffalo and other neighbors in the woods.

Perhaps, then, for the first time and the idea that the vitality and strength can be determined by the size of genitals.

Shamans have always valued animal phalluses and used them in their ceremonies. And that men attached great importance to the size of the genitals, show common in rock art image prohibitive humanoids with large genitalia.

Since that time, a man whose penis was bigger, was to occupy a dominant position in society – became a chief, shaman, teacher.

Noone wants to be the average guy with the “average penis size.”

And the power – and how to dispose of, and as a matter of universal respect for (and sometimes envy) – attracted all and at all times.

And it was not about how many women could meet such a ruler, the main thing was that its size is larger than all the rest.

Average penis size – What does it really matter for my Ego?

Functions of the authority has not taken into account – the value was sufficient.
Why in fact a member of the dimensions so concerned about men? Put simply, the male member is the embodiment of the “ego” men, they often believe their member barometer of male power.

Philip B. Lyuloff, seksapatolog and professor of psychiatry at the hospital, “Mount Sinai” in New York says that “when you measure the size of his penis, the tool you use, no-line, and feeling, which requires confirmation of mens health self-esteem”

Knowing all of that it is not a surprise that the issue of the average penis size has been talked about about so much.

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