Average penis size

Average penis size


What is the average Penis size?

In Straight Talk man can tell almost anything – on political and sports preferences, favorite work by winning the sexual front … BUT IS SUBJECT, which to this day for many remains taboo EVEN-male COMPANY – penis size.

Are we the unwitting victims of sexual conspiracy?

If not, then by what logic of persuasion in society, there is a taboo on discussion of the male reproductive organs? is not this part of the mens health in general?

Our culture gives much duplicity in the matter of sex. Take, for example, fashion. If it is considered quite normal and even elegant for women to have deep cleavage, showing her breasts, if we do not irritate the narrow bikini, hiding only the most intimate parts of the female body, then why are we in such a restrained attitude to the male genitals.

Why do we always avoid the topic? Why it thickly shrouded in mystery, though it does not exist?

Responding to the Puritan notions of propriety, the male body has always modestly covered with a fig-leaf binding, and the male models who starred in his underwear for ads, make a choice location for shooting to – God forbid! – The photo did not get well-marked bulging mound.

Do we really want to see everything continued to pretend that they do not know that a man has a penis?

What can I say?
25% of the youngsters really have a member of more than 16.5 cm, of which nearly half are over 18 cm!
And such is the disposition, neither more nor less. Is that True?

Life is so fleeting, was to ourselves, and use that difference to the lives of hundreds of thousands of men worldwide!

Look below to see how the initial size of a member you can really add yourself.

Calculation of penis enlargement!
Your size: x2.5 cm
Course (months):
Your new size: x2.5 cm!

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