Atkins Diet Phase 2 – How to Eat Healthy and Lose Weight.

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How to Lose Weight Naturally Atkins Diet phase 2

In the second phase is allowed to slowly, gradually increase the intake of carbohydrates. When you lose to your desired weight, you need a little more to increase the amount of carbohydrates in your diet. And then maintain it throughout your live, while respecting the basic rules of the first phase (with the exception of the amount of carbohydrates). Even in the second phase  are allowed some products that were banned in the first:

vegetables, berries and fruit (mostly unsweetened)
black bread;
small amount of alcohol.

If, during the  Atkins Diet phase 2 you can not stand and ate, resulting in increased weight, you must repeat the first phase. Condition for the  diet: Weigh yourself every morning before breakfast, without clothes.

The Atkins diet is a low-carb diet. The basis – the maximum prevention of intake and carbohydrates in the body, reducing their quantity  to 20 grams. Thus, a reorganization of metabolic processes in the body occurs.

The Atkins diet  phase 1 is set out to change metabolism: because of artificially lowering the intake of carbohydrates in the body -fats are becoming a source of energy. At the same time the body develops a condition that doctors call “ketoacidosis”. At this period there is an intensive body fat breakdown and formation of ketone bodies.

As a result of reduced insulin levels and glucose levels increased  at the same time, are formed even meager amounts of carbohydrates.

It is easy to guess that this metabolic disorder is very strongly felt by the body. Here are the main problems that the supporters of the Atkins diet could point out:

disorders of the liver and kidneys. Their reason – the desire to quickly bring the body of ketone bodies that have accumulated in large quantities. Therefore, these two bodies before suffering only under this diet;
urolithiasis. There are  quite a bit of number of ketone bodies excreted in the urine, and therefore present are all prerequisites for the development and formation of kidney stones;
depression, weakness, laziness, irritability. They are based – the deterioration of brain activity due to the decrease in blood glucose levels. Because glucose is the sole source of nutrition for the brain cells. Reduction of the number of food leads to the fact that brain cells begin to experience hunger, and this affects the general human condition and its performance;

problems of the cardiovascular system. Due to the fact that is hard excretion of potassium and magnesium, greatly increases the probability of cardiac abnormalities;
increase blood cholesterol levels. Particularly high risk in the first phase of the diet when the allowed foods mainly dominated by the meat of all kinds, including fat (lamb, pork), and a fairly large amount of fats (butter and vegetable oils);
osteoporosis. Its symptoms can develop as a protein food  enters the body for which calcium is inadequate provider.

Starting from just above, it is easy to conclude whom the Atkins Diet is not recommended for:
– Children and adolescents;
– Pregnant women;
– Older people;
– People of all ages in the presence of cardiovascular system, liver and kidneys.

The Atkins diet is not the best choice also because then people should always restrict ourselves to the use of relatively large amounts of food (remember: the second phase lasts a lifetime). At the expense of only protein and fat is difficult to support the body and its  balance and stay toned, feel cheerful, lively.

The only advantage of a diet – fast weight loss in the first 14 days. This is due to a sharp reduction in caloric intake and the carbohydrate component. But there is a reservation: only people begin to gradually increase your diet, introduce products that are eaten before – of course, lost weight comes back.

this is what day 4 might look like…  

The Atkins diet( in essence  Atkins Diet phase 2) – is a serious test for the organism, and it makes sense to consult with your doctor and think twice before embarking on its execution.

Important: If you do decide to diet Atkins, be sure to stick with one condition: take mineral and multivitamin complex ever, only during the time while you are on a diet.


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