Arthritis Remedies – Remedies to Battle  Arthritis !

Glucosamine – Despite the fact that glucosamine refers to carbohydrates, the body does not adopt it as energy, it accumulates in connective tissue. Stocks of this substance is used as construction material of the cartilage and joints.

The daily rate is 0.5, the You can obtain it by including in your diet crab like foods, patch, fish cartilage. But not every day, enough is 2-3 times a week.This one way for Arthritis pain relief.


Arthritis Remedies -HINDROITIN.

– Like glucosamine refers to carbohydrates. This substance enters into the composition of connective tissue us, bones and fluids lubricating joints.

Falling body, it saves us from crunching the joints with glucosamine and removes painful sensation after loading. The daily rate is 0.4, the Contained in those products with which they generate glucosamine.

Arthritis Remedies – Glucuronic acid.

– It is a source of gualurinova acid – a substance responsible for the sticking of    internal joints liquids. They reduce friction in the joints and increase motility, ensure their good springy. The daily rate of 0,5 on we can get two with the following products – beef liver, kidney, chicken hearts and other by-products. To his   ensure the rate is 1-2 times a week to eat no less than 100-150, the liver.

Arthritis Remedies – Magnesium and potassium:

Both trace elements included in the group of essential nutrients. Best”work”in the pair. In   body responsible for the activation of enzymes and are involved in building muscle and connective tissue.

You need to provide both 400 mg. magnesium and 2500 mg. potassium per day. Contained in oats, sesame seeds, lean fish, mushrooms and spinach.

The daily dose is reached with 50 g whole grains, 200   on spinach, mushrooms and cabbage portion. This  a simple Arthritis diet which helps alleviate the Arthritis joint pain.

Arthritis Remedies – PHOSPHOLIPIDS

– These substances belong to the complex fats, including fatty acids and phosphate. Phospholipids composing the cell membrane and responsible for the protective properties.

Play a key role in growth and development of all cells. Daily   rate was 7 years You can obtain them from egg yolk, from the seeds of oil seeds, soya, olives and poultry. The daily dose is contained in 200 and 100 interfere chicken on soy products.


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