Aphrodisiac Foods - natural foods increase potency and sexual energy.

aphrodisiac foods            

Aphrodisiac foods - potency, sexual energy and vinegar.

Men can not have vinegar, it dries out sexual potency. It is better to replace it with cider vinegar, but also within reasonable limits.
Eat cinnamon – it improves both physical and sexual potency.
Good for mens health and sexual strength – eat meat and carrots with butter.

Aphrodisiac foodscelery for sexual strength

Do not forget about the celery.

It Increase the potency of food.
Celery root grate in large, add lemon juice, sugar, salt and mayonnaise to taste. Put in a bowl. Garnish with celery leaves, lettuce, slices of lemon.
Do not forget the baked potatoes. It contains many minerals, it is easy to digest, healthy and   provides a lot of energy for men

Aphrodisiac foodscelery recipe for energy.

On a table:

ground coffee mixed with 1 tsp. dried leaves of lemongrass. Pour 1 cup hot water, slowly stirring, bring to a boil. After removing from heat, allow to infuse for 5 minutes. Strain and sweeten slightly. Good recipe for mens strength.

Aphrodisiac foods -  cinnamon powers and strengthens the heart

60 grams  Cinnamon and 30 grams vanilla pour in 1 cup of good red wine and allow to stand for 2 weeks. Take 1 glass daily. Cinnamon is not only a direct effect on desire, but also strengthens the heart.

Aphrodisiac foods – recipe with ginger

1 tsp. Ginger fill 0.5 liters. water and simmer for 10 minutes, add 1 table. l. honey. Leisurely drink in small sips.

Aphrodisiac foods – if the penis has  tiny ulcers

If on the penis appeared moist ulcers:Get  Dried dill 100 g, and burn the ashes onto the sprinkled ulcers.

Aphrodisiac foods - natural foods for swollen testicles.

When testicles are swollen use this remedy for good sexual health.

’50 Peas put in 0.5 liters. beer. After 1 hour, put on low heat, simmer 15 minutes. Cool, wet a clean cloth and apply as a compress.





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aphrodisiac foods 

Aphrodisiac foods - when the eggs are hardened

10 grams from the tops of hemlock insist in 100 grams vodka . 7 days in a warm, dark place. Strain and take 10 drops 4 times a day for 1 hour before meals for 7 days.

Aphrodisiac foods - for  penis enlargement

Get 100 g of dry river or swamp leeches grind to a powder, add 200 g of hot mutton fat and mix well. Woolen cloth at night to rub the penis.


100 g dried earthworms (preferably in May), grind into powder and pour over 200 hot mutton fat. Mix well. Put Woolen cloth at night to rub the pen.

Aphrodisiac foods for super-erection.

Catch 20 May beetles of the June litter, fill them with water in a cup and heat for 30 minutes. Let stand until the water cools down. Drink 2 – 3 drops in a glass of water.
Causes a very strong blood flow to the genitals and jacks up mens vitality.


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