Aphrodisiac Foods – Recipes to Strengthen Mens Health!

aphrodisiac foods 

Aphrodisiac foods healthy recipes to improve sexual performance!

This recipes  is to Raise  mens virility.
200g. figs, 200g. Prunes (pitted), 200g. raisins, walnuts kernels 12. Dried fruit and nuts. All crush, stir and refrigerate. Take 2 table. l. mixture daily, drink kefir.

 Here  are some other natural aphrodisiacs, and some of them are quite yummy..:)

  • Natural ginseng has been shown to increase the production of testosterone in both men and women. This is a sex hormone that regulates sex drive in both sexes. You can prepare it as a tea or add it to your favorite low-cal dishes.
  • Fenugreek seeds and damiana are two herbs that can also be added to a variety of dishes. These herbs have long been known to stimulate sexual vitality. Fenugreek is often used in Indian cuisine and is often an ingredient in curries. An added benefit of Indian dishes it that they often require warm spices like cumin and chili, both of which warm up the body and add to the power of sexual organ and they also increase desire in both men and women.
  • While the perfect wine would make a great companion to any Valentine’s day dinner, remember that alcohol is one of the biggest saboteurs of a diet. Fortunately there are many choices for low-cal champagne which have only about 65 calories per serving.  Try the Laurent-Perrier Ultra Brut Champagne, which has just 60 calories per serving.  Just remember to go easy on the bubbly as too much alcohol can stop sensuality in its tracks.
  • Chocolate has always been a Valentine’s Day tradition, and there is good reason for this. Chocolate contains tryptophan and phenylethelamine, both of which are amino acids that are associated with the evocation of love and lusty feelings. As an added benefit, dark chocolate also provides antioxidants that help reduce cholesterol and blood pressure. Try dipping strawberries in melted dark chocolate or drizzling it over them for an enticing dessert.



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Aphrodisiac foods – to increase number of seeds!

Recipe to increase the number of men’s seed:
Eat a few nuts almonds with sugar.

Recipe to get rid of smelly sweaty feet!

If the  feet smell bad- sweating feet.
Every day before going to sleep, soak feet in hot strong broth, consisting of a mixture of: oak bark – 3 parts, Gentian root – 1 part.

Aphrodisiac foods – food recipes to boost sexual vitality!

To improve and enhance mens sexual vitality:
A teaspoon of pollen plus 3 drops pantokrina hour before making love.

Aphrodisiac foods – raise virility and  improve sexual performance!

Tincture of red root (Hedysarum forgotten) and 2 handfuls of seeds Vitex sacred. Drink 1 tsp. 3 times a day. Then the second infusion of the seeds make. Pour half a liter of vodka, insist 10-15 days and drink as well – 1 tsp. 3 times a day.

Aphrodisiac foods recipes for Infertility!

This is a simple recipe. Use Anis. Brew and drink as tea.


Aphrodisiac foods Prostatitis recipes !

Boil half a gallon thermos 1 table. l. Celandine, 1 table. l. succession, 2 – 3 flowers of calendula, 1 sheet of eucalyptus, 1 bay leaf 1 tsp. green tea. At 4 o’clock in the morning pour boiling water into temos, and in 9 – to lunch and drink this infusion instead of tea with sugar or jam.

Aphrodisiac foods -recipes to raise mens virility!

Raise virility.
200g. figs, 200g. Prunes (pitted), 200g. raisins, walnuts kernels 12. Dried fruits. All crush, mix – in the refrigerator. There are 2 table. l. mixture daily, drink kefir.

Aphrodisiac foods prostate adenoma recipe!

Dig the roots  of 5 Elderberry maximum length of 1 feet and a thickness of 1/2″ Rinse and put in 3 liters of boiling water. Boil for 2 hours on low heat. Allow to cool. Take 1 table. l. 3 times a day for 20 minutes before eating. Store in refrigerator. When running the illness dose is increased by 3 times.

Aphrodisiac foods Impotence recipes:

In the beer, preservative contains the female hormone – estrogen, so prolonged use of canned beer (especially canned) by  men can lead to developed impotence.


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