Andropause In Men – how it will affect me?

The male menopause or andropause , is becoming more widely recognized and accepted by physicians as a reason for the changes many middle-aged men suffer, from the energy loss to depression, loss of libido to sexual dysfunction.

Other andropause symptoms include decreased bone density and weight gain.

andropause in men

Andropause in Men Symptoms: Puberty in reverse

The most obvious characteristic of andropause is declining testosterone – the hormone that makes men “Men”.

The vast majority of men, with age, experience a drop in testosterone levels.

Some men are more affected than others.

Today, up to 25 million American men between 40 and 55 years of age, are experiencing some degree of male menopause and suffer from some or all of andropause symptoms.

Andropause In Men  – what some of Doctors say about it!

“It’s like puberty in reverse,” he says of andropause Jed Diamond, a psychotherapist in California and author of the book “Male Menopause” and “Surviving Male Menopause.” Like puberty, changes that cause andropause in older men, are “hormonal, psychological, interpersonal, social, sexual and spiritual.”

“Andropause male can be very insidious,” says Dr. Stephen Sinatra, a certified anti-aging medicine.

Andropause In Men – when will it start to happen?

The loss of testosterone, which can happen to men as young as 35 years, is gradual, with testosterone levels fell 1 percent to 1.5 percent per year.

Unlike the abrupt loss of estrogen that women experience in menopause,with the gradual loss of testosterone can take years to enforce your mens health and stamina to what it was.

Men with a series of andropause symptoms recover not as easy and is harder. It is not like those experienced by women menopause.

The Most Common Symptoms of Andropause in men:

Problems of irritability, fatigue, depression, decreased libido and erection problems are characteristic signs and symptoms most common andropause. “I felt like I did not want to move,” says Enrique Venese, 65 years of age.

He discovered through a blood test three years ago that his testosterone levels had fallen. “I do not want to be bothered by anything. “He added.

What is the treatment for Andropause in men?

The most common treatment is testosterone replacement therapy, but it is not highly recommended.

These testosterone replacement therapies are quite serious risks. Read ” Andropause Treatment “for more information and alternatives, such as Natural Treatments and Health Remedies for Andropause in men.

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