Amazon Diet – where are the different types  coming from?

The third type is named for the legendary female warriors, the Amazons. This is a lady with a rather dense, stocky figure. Often they are oily skin and enlarged pores. They love meat and are prone to aggression.

This division into types has its own meaning.

The first – a woman from this type, with high levels of estrogen.

Women of the second type, by contrast, often lack of these hormones.

Amazon – it’s pronounced spokeswoman android type, which is dominated by male hormones.

amazon diet

In the eyes of developers of the diet, human nutrition is predetermined by his genetic predisposition, life rhythm, biorhythms, occupation, and many other factors. But such a distinction between types like helping women organize their food.

For each type of female designers offer a three day diet menu, designed to help them comfortable to part with an extra one and a half pounds. If this diet is well tolerated, it is possible to observe and longer, until the disposal of excess weight. Define your own type, and good luck.

So, how to lose weight with the Amazon Diet?

Amazon Diet for the First type.

The first day:
Breakfast. Mix 100 ml of orange juice with 2 tbsp. l. grapefruit and the same amount of lemon. Dilute 100 ml of drink non-carbonated mineral water and sip slowly through a straw. After 20 minutes, eat a sandwich from a piece of corn bread with low fat cottage cheese, tomato and a circle of leaves of basil.

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