Alexithymia and Erectile Dysfunction – How To boost Stamina In Bed?

In the scientific landscape, with extensive clinical and therapeutic considerations, it in turn to the hypothesis of a link between alexithymia and premature ejaculation. Alexithymia literally means “do not have words for emotions” and consists of a series of deficits inherent in the mood and emotional state of an individual who is unable to decode, regulate, perceive, recognize and verbally describe their own and others’ emotional states .

Alexithymia and Erectile Dysfunction – How Can ED, Premature Ejaculation and Alexithymia fall together?

In other words, the individual suffering from alexithymia has a lack of processing of its emotional experience. Premature ejaculation (This link leads to a site that deals with pharmaceutical remedies for premature ejaculation releasable only upon prescription), also known as rapid ejaculation, is instead a sexual dysfunction for which there is a lack of control over the ejaculatory reflex.





Alexithymia and Premature Ejaculation – what is the connection here?

This means that the man suffering from premature ejaculation is not able to adjust the phase of orgasm and tends to consume sexual intercourse in the space of one / two minutes, with consequent discomfort to themselves and towards the partner. By analyzing numerous case reports of patients with alexithymia or premature ejaculation, it was found that there is a close correlation between the two issues.

How Can Alexithymia be a Cause for Premature Ejaculation?

In fact, it seems that patients with difficulty in verbally expressing their emotions, both negative and positive, experience their failure through premature ejaculation. The experts note that among the predominant feelings in men with premature ejaculation, there are primarily emotional ambivalence and repressed aggression.

Can Alexithymia and bad past cause  Premature Ejaculation and  lack of Stamina In bed?

This means that individuals with complex life histories, or frustrations with family or couple, tend to develop “punitive mode,” especially in relations with partners. It’s like premature ejaculation became an unequivocal means of punishment and denial of pleasure both for themselves and for the couple. This type of psychological reasoning, specialists point out, therefore, has obvious connections with the attitude of people with alexithymia and it is almost impossible not to see a genuine link between these two disorders.

Alexithymia and Erectile Dysfunction: Is is a new phenomena?

Alexithymia as a new cause of premature ejaculation. Following a steady increase in cases of alexithymia and premature ejaculation, you can say that among the causes of this male sexual disorder belong also the inability to externalize their emotions. The psychosomatic disorder alexithymia has several implications, the social, behavioral and physiological, which prevent to live constructive relationships between couples, in whatever point of view, including the sexual one.

How is the Alexithymia and Erectile Dysfunction affecting my Sexual Life?

In fact, the quality of sexual life of people with alexithymia is in most cases of premature ejaculation compromised generating the couple mingled with pain, discomfort and psychological relationships, and frustration for a relationship that ends too soon, but for which there explains the reason.

Many sexologists argue that, especially the children of young age, are convinced they suffer from premature ejaculation because of psychological problems known as performance anxiety or emotional stress, completely ignoring the existence of a far deeper unease as the ‘alexithymia, is a cognitive problem only.

Premature Ejaculation, and Erectile Dysfunction Treatment.

Therapeutic approach in the presence of alexithymia and premature ejaculation. Alexithymia The therapeutic approach to premature ejaculation in combination, could be: The psycho-sexological counseling, Individual psychotherapy or couple orientation sexological Pharmacotherapy using medication on demand (ie when needed).

In addition to a complete resolution of PE generated from alexithymia, would always be a thorough analysis of appropriate clinical and sexual history, and is not only the patient but also the couple.

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