Adult Acne Treatment – What are my options?

Many times we read or hear someone telling us that acne is something happening only to  teenagers, that as puberty goes by, acne will disappear. This is the case for many people but not others.

adult acne treatmentAcne is not “teenage thing” is a skin condition that can affect womens health and people of any age. During adolescence is more common due to hormonal changes and other causes. But passing adolescence does not give you  guarantee that the acne will be cured.

Adult Acne Treatment – is the adut acne different form the adult acne?

The dermatologist Diane Bercson Unidense stated at an annual meeting of the American Academy of Dermatology presented her research into the causes of acne in adults. According to Dr. Berson adult acne teenage acne is different.

Because this often does not respond to standard treatments that we can buy in stores or even many of the clinical treatments performed by dermatologists. Acne in adults is mostly caused by hormone imbalances.

Adult Acne Treatment – acne hormones and dis-balances in the body:

The Acne and Hormones Acne caused by hormonal imbalance is usually influenced by the presence of androgens in the body. Androgen hormones stimulate the secretion of the sebaceous glands.

An example of this is that androgens stimulate the sebaceous glands during menstruation, which is why women tend to have pimples or blackheads during this time. Well, as androgens are affected by stress in our body, it is not a surprise that when we are nervous we tend to suffer from pimples.

In adults these attacks acne usually appear at the bottom part of the face including around the jaw and chin.

The level of androgens in the body can be affected by some physical condition in some cases pathological (disease). Such is the case of alopecia, menstrual problems, obesity, infertility or diabetes among others.

In many cases dermatologists working on adult acne treatment , also work with gynecologists to find the causes and coordinate treatments.

Adult Acne Treatment – Hormonal treatments for acne:

  • the first thing to do is go to the doctor to determine if acne is due to hormonal causes. Once you have been diagnosed then the doctor will decide which treatment is best.

Adult Acne Treatment – what are the possible choices of treatment?

There are several options: Among the most used options are the pills, and the use of cortisone drugs. Birth control pills are the most common hormonal treat acne. Cystic Acne When acne is severe it is the presence of pimples on your face, pimples large pimples containing pus or swollen a little painful.

This leaves many scars and acne often affects self-esteem of the sufferer. Treatments for this type of acne according to Dr. Berson is a challenge. Usually the acne does not respond to common drugs or cosmetic treatment.

Adult Acne Treatment  – what are the drugs on the market that offer viable treatment?

The only proven cure offered by traditional medicine is the ingredient “isotretinoin” which is sold under the names Accutane ® and Roaccutane ®. Accutane ® and Roaccutane ® is a miracle drug but very controversial right now.

It is the last option in the treatment of acne by its negative side effects of treatment and severity. This drug has been linked to cases of suicide even though not entirely proven. According to Dr. Diane Thiboutot (college professor Milton S., Hersheay Medical Center, USA) control of acne in adults is an ongoing process.

How the most of the drugs for Adult Acne Treatment work?

Most drugs are based on preventing new outbreaks. Many women with adult acne treatments used with antibiotics or other topical (applied to the skin), but 60% of women do not respond to these treatments.

According to Dr. Thibauot these women should go to a dermatologist to find a solution. Accutane ®, Roaccutane ® Is it for you? If you have an allergy to vitamin A or any of its derivatives this medicine is not for you.

Drugs for Adult Acne Treatment and pregnancy:

Nor can you use if you are thinking about getting pregnant or if you are pregnant as it causes deformities in fetuses (50% of cases). Neither is used if there are problems with the liver.

This drug is prescribed by dermatologists only in most countries. While taking the medication the doctor has to be doing liver tests periodically because vitamin A in large doses can affect this vital organ.

This medicine for adult acne treatment is very severe, the way it works. It works by drying up the sebaceous glands. In this whole process as dry skin, including where it is not desirable, so it is very important to protect yourself from the sun. This is according to recently published  report on the experiences of patients using this substance.

What are the alternative for Adult Acne Treatment once I have already tried a bunch of medicines?

 To Get Clear Skin With Proven Methods


In conclusion – when you have suffered from acne for many years, you tried many forms of treatment , and did not find a solution – do not get despaired. Science has made great progress and modern medicine offers alternatives.

These alternatives to adult acne treatment are often expensive, and difficult treatments but the results are impressive. There are also a lot of treatments with home remedies, which in many cases offer solutions to your skin problems.

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