Acne – what is the acne Disease?


Not very smart question, but it must be asked. So, what is acne and what causes it?

Acne, acne (pimples) is an inflammation of the sebaceous glands, whose main function is to lubricating skin “sebum”, as well as to protect them from hypothermia.

What is acne or here is a definition: “Acne (acne pimples) – a chronic relapsing skin disease predominantly young people, resulting from overproduction of sebum and clogged hyperplastic sebaceous glands with subsequent inflammation.”

But this is from the scientific perversion of the brain. It is known that the most brilliant people express their thoughts only, and not especially gifted, I would have called them tight-bit, and create a scientific treatises that are understood only by himself, and in fact anyone but them, and unnecessary.

So, if  have to ironically  answer to the question what is acne? Then get something like the following: acne – an inflammatory process with you on our skin.

I will briefly mention that a lot of time using Home remedies can be quite effective and the cheapest alternative to curing acne or getting relief from acne. More on that later.



Acne – blackheads, pimples – a manifestation of instability of hormonal functions, pass with age. Although it happens, and mature women suffer from this, in fact, problems.

Such an attack is often inherited from parents. There are several varieties of acne: “ordinary” like nodules spherical shape with a black dot in the center. If involved in these infections becomes inflamed.

Picture of acne supplement superficial and deep-seated “cyst” that is, a closed cavity with the contents of the sebaceous glands. If the acne is not treated, the inflammatory process progresses, forming an abscess and purulent infiltrates that can forever leave an ugly scar on his face.

That can be independently taken against acne:

In – the first in any case they do not squeeze, with which it is very difficult to accept, looking at myself in the mirror. Just from a small pimple you can get big, there is a danger to drive the contents of the pimple deeper into the skin, and then on the face just left a scar – a crater and cyanotic spots that disappear with – then six months later. Eels, in contrast to acne, be sure to regularly remove – it is desirable that the doctor did.

In – the second, Wash thoroughly for at least three times a day with cleansing milk, avoid oily cosmetics. Protein – a structural unit of the cell membrane, which will help to better healing and contraction of diseased tissue.

B – Third, try to avoid stress – they weaken the immune defenses and the ability to inhibit inflammatory processes. The stress hormone epinephrine constricts blood vessels (especially capillaries) in the case of prolonged stress skin regularly receives less food and oxygen.

The second stress hormone – cortisol – an antagonist of adrenaline, it stops the process of cell division and the formation of collagen fibers. That’s why still need the peace of mind.

There are other procedures:

1 – Once a day, clean face lotions , dissolving excess fat. Disinfecting agents sulfur and resorcinol contained in them, kill bacteria on the skin.

2 –  Creams  – it not only cleanses clogged pores, and exfoliate the “dead” skin.

3 – And most importantly – healthy eating, sunbathing from time to time (under ultraviolet light acne is not live) and to lead a healthy lifestyle.

In cosmetology, there are various medications and technologies for combating acne: freezing with liquid nitrogen, the destruction of microcurrents and laser whitening and all sorts of chemicals. But is it worth all this is not cheap and is done in special laboratories.

The very fact of acne suggests that failures occur in the body. Each body allocated its location pimple: for example, a pimple on his chin – a problem with gynecology, on the forehead – in trouble with the kidneys, inflammation of the neck – something to the liver.

There is also a “yeast therapy : twice a day to those who suffer from this problem should eat a 20-gram piece of normal yeast. A 2 times a week to do the mask of a mixture of 20 g of yeast and milk. Apply to face and wash off when dried up with warm water.

“Tallow diet”: abstinence from a sweet, spicy, fatty, alcohol and coffee. In the morning drink a glass of milk in the evening, before bedtime – chamomile broth. Use wipes and accelerate recovery of your skin.

On who is more prone to acne is difficult to judge because Some believe that this is a hereditary disease, others that the problem of acne occurs due to damage to the body as a whole .. But the most important thing here to understand that acne can be cured, it is a health problem but there are remedies and solutions for it.


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