Acne During Period – What is happening to My Skin?

We’ve all experienced changes in our skin before menstruation. Usually the skin becomes more oily and some pimples or blackheads appear and for women who have acne, the problem at this moment increases.

This is due to hormonal changes. Continue down for for on acne during period and womens health …!
    Acne during period

Acne During Period  – The basic stages of the period.

The female cycle can be divided into three stages: menstruation or bleeding time, pre-ovulation and post ovulation.



These are the most common changes in the skin at each stage:

Pre-ovulation, ovulation takes place near the fourteenth day of your menstrual cycle, which begins the first day of your period.

When you end the bleeding increases estrogen which helps the skin become more healthy and beautiful.

  Ovulation and menstruation and  Acne During Period.

Ovulation and menstruation. The skin starts to get fat and acne problems increase in people prone to it.

Skin care according to your period:
Being aware of the hormonal changes in our body, s that you can take some precautions. Ovulation does not occur exactly on the day 14 in all women but if you look at your cycle you can see when your skin starts to change.

If you suffer from acne or pimples near or during menstruation, about week and a half after the period you can:

  • 2 – Use a cream or gel with benzoic acid (common is acne creams) in the areas where you normally leave the shins. This is a light coating to prevent not expect to come out to avoid. Avoid creams with more than 5% concentration to avoid irritating the skin.

Acne During Period – what are the other changes?

Other changes during the cycle:
If you display more facial hair or body and your period is very irregular you may have a hormonal disorder type and need to see a doctor.

During the period, and a few days before the skin is more sensitive, so you must avoid waxing.

Note: When the acne is severe and not improved seek specialist for help.

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