Acne Causes And Treatment – Tactics to fight The Acne Back!

Acne and Your Skin – simple tactics for Women’s health and beauty:

Acne causes and treatmentAlmost all of us have acne from time to time. Acne is most common in adolescence but its unwanted presence does not always disappear when we become adults. 

Often suffer from rashes or pimples during our period in times of stress.

Sometimes acne outbreaks occur without any particular reason or at least we think so.

Acne Causes And Treatment – the most common reasons for the appearing of the Acne!

Sometimes without realizing we help our skin to produce pimples and blackheads.

The occasional acne can be aggravated by the following reasons:

  • Salt

The salt helps, when in high concentrations to cause pimples on some skin areas which are more prone to acne.

Remember that salt is present in high amounts in preserved meats such as hams. The cheeses are also rich in salt, like Chinese food and most processed foods.

Acne Causes And Treatment – what about some of the foods?

  • The peanut oil. Thai Food, China and other exotic oriental meals use it in their recipes. If you are very prone to acne outbreaks is to avoid this oil.
  • The mineral oil. Used in many cosmetics for its low price. It has large molecules that block the pores causing pimples. Read the ingredient list of products you use and try to avoid it.
  • Lanolin. This ingredient has very valuable properties and is widely used in cosmetics. Unfortunately can cause blockages in the pores and the subsequent reaction pimples.
  • Petroleum jelly or baseline. They are used in some cosmetics and lip moisturizers. They clog pores because the molecules are very large.

         You can use it on the lips, but be careful it does not spread on the skin of the face.

  • Dyes and artificial fragrances. Most cosmetics are full of them. Try to use products that use essential oils and no harmful chemicals.
  • Beware the hair conditioner. Keep hair clean and deals when you hair rinses to remove the air conditioner will not fall on your face. If you are very prone to acne face wash with water at the end of the shampoo.
  • Hands off

. Try not to touch your face during the day. Hands accumulate many bacteria and microorganisms if you touch your face will be infected.

  • Sweet Dreams.

Change your pillow liner frequently to prevent grease from your skin that accumulates on the pillow to contaminate your skin.

Personal Skin hygiene and Acne Causes And Treatment.

  • Keep your skin clean.

If you exercise or you sweat a lot for some reason you wipe your face.

  • Make sure your makeup sponges and brushes are clean to avoid bacteria build up.
  • Always use a clean towel to wipe your face after washing.

Remember not all the ingredients listed above produce acne at all. These ingredients contribute to the problem in some prone to acne. The ingredients that clog pores such as mineral oil are not recommended for any skin type.

The ingredients used in the preparation of our foods such as salt and peanut oil can be consumed but be careful not to abuse them especially when we are close to receiving our period. The foods we eat can be quite powerful natural remedies, and also pretty heavy on the body, too.

I hope you enjoyed the Acne Causes And Treatment tips and fro now you just have to put them in use! Luck to you and your Happy Skin!


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