5 Day Detox Diet Plan – How To Renew Your Life!

5-day-detox-dietLife gets tougher all of the time–there are challenges, poisons in the air, toxins in everything we consume and, of course, just the average pressures that come along with day to day life. These can all have very harmful effect on our bodies so every couple of months or so it’s good to renew and detoxify your system.

You might not think your body is becoming unhealthy due to the exhaust from cars and trucks, or the smoke in the air, but eventually as it builds up inside, you will begin feeling the effects.

For a number of years I have questioned and pondered what it means for our bodies to function optimally. With multiple family and friends being tested for allergies and intolerances, experiencing the weight yo-yo, various illnesses and disease, and living in a constant state of inflammation – this has become the ‘normal’ state for the body.

But what if we started to become aware of what is happening in our bodies, tune into how we feel and when we feel things; take notice of our energy levels, aches and pains that we’ve come to tolerate, eating habits, and the most embarrassing… bowel movements!

In the years of schooling, reading books, attending presentations, internet searches, talking to friends, colleagues, and health practitioners – I have learned that one of the BEST things we can do for our bodies, after we start to recognize our own state of wellness, is to DETOX. Cleanse and eliminate the years of built up toxins from the body – and make space for health and healing!

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5 Day Detox Diet Plan – Why Do It, and How The Body Reacts?

For this reason, you have to have a detox for your body to restore your health, in order to have a healthy mind and carry on with healthy relationships with the people around you. Your body has an amazing ability to repair itself, and has its own cleansing system, but with way too many pollutants in the body, it can use a little help.

When the tissues in your body take on excessive stress, they start to malfunction which can result in a bunch of different diseases and have a dreadful effect on the cleansing process. To help your body get cleaned out, there is a 5-day detox plan that will not only revitalize your body, but your spirit also.

What is Included in the 5 Day Detox Diet Plan?

The 5-day detox plan includes a cleansing diet, in which specific foods are avoided entirely, and consists of many fruits and green, leafy vegetables. When having a cleanse, fats, oils, preservatives and food additives have to be eliminated, completely. As meat is hard to absorb, you need to swear off all meat during these days–or at least avoid a couple of them.

A few of the foods that are great for this diet plan include garlic, beets, beans, broccoli and nuts. The single thing you ought to drink aside from water (the universal solvent) during one of these diets is grapefruit juice. Water is one of the major factors in any cleansing diet because it clears all of the toxins out of your body through your sweat and excrement.

Am I Going To Be Starving With The 5 Day Detox Diet Plan?

You eat quite a lot less food while you’re on a detoxification diet but you will not starve. As you are only going to be consuming healthy foods during your detoxification diet, you will notice that you have quite increased endurance. If you aren’t completely sure about the detoxification process, you should work with a professional or a nutritionist so that you can find the one that is most suitable for your body.

As the toxins are being removed from your body, you might feel worse right in the beginning, but if you stick to the process, you will receive new energy, along with physical and mental alertness. Everyone understands how important it is to be clean on the outside, but not everyone thinks about what happens inside their body.

The Final Words About a 5 Day Detox Diet Plan!

You know how well you feel and if you begin to feel tired it may be good to start a detox program. Just living in a contaminated environment is putting toxins in your body, and they can’t be averted.



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5 DAY detox diet plan

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