2000 Calorie Diet How to Eat Healthy and Lose Weight.




 200 calorie diet lose weight

Weight Loss Diet Plan 2000 Calorie Diet.

The greater your willingness, the greater the chances of reaching the target. Remember that the secret to success – in your determination to achieve the desired result. It’s in your hands! The feeling of hunger is difficult to overcome  lightly, only the first time.

If you persevere, you quickly get used to your diet, and a sense of lightness, cheerfulness, good humor and knowledge that were able to overcome yourself, as well as a noticeable weight loss will be your reward.

The degree of caloric restriction of food depends on the degree of obesity. If the body weight above normal at 20%, and caloric intake must be reduced by 20%.

For example, if daily intake is 2,500 calories, in order to lose weight, you need to get a 2000 kcal diet. Such a diet is easy to follow, it does not cause hunger. By combining this diet with increased physical activity can slow down for the month up to 3-4 lbs.

2000 calorie diet – the daily menu:

Here is a daily collection of products, providing approximately 2,000 kcal:

Milk and milk products

400 g

Lean meat

150-200 g

Reduced-fat sour cream

30 g

Low-fat cottage cheese

100 g

Fish lean

100 g


one day later

Vegetable oil

25 g


10 g

Fresh cabbage

300 g

Carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes and other vegetables

300 g


200 g

Rye bread

200 g

Focusing on these products (or replacing them with equivalent), you can make a menu for one day, week, month. The longer you stick to this diet, the better.

One Version of the “2000 calorie Diet“.

We offer a version of the monthly diet, developed by Polish specialists. This diet does not give the feeling of constant hunger, it is quite diverse, includes many fruits and vegetables. Depending on the season it changes.

In winter and spring, for example, when fresh fruits and vegetables is small, there is sauerkraut, canned vegetables and fruits, and juices. Remember that a day should consume no more than 3-4 cups of liquid. Menu 1 and Menu 2 to rotate through the day.

First week OF THE 200 CALORIE DIET:
First breakfast: a glass of warm milk with a spoon of honey, a stale bun.
Second breakfast: a cup of tea, 2 slices of black bread, thinly anointed with butter, with leaves of lettuce or other greens.
Lunch: vegetable soup, a piece of lean beef, 2-3 potatoes, fruit salad with sugar and lemon juice.
Snack: 2 tomatoes or a glass of tomato juice, bread.
Dinner: a cup of nonfat yogurt, 2 slices of rye bread, thinly anointed with oil and sprinkled with parsley.
First breakfast: a cup of tea, slice of bread sprinkled with parsley.
Second breakfast: a cup of yogurt, stale bread, radishes, a little salted.

Lunch: soup, boiled fish, 2-3 potatoes, sprinkled with parsley, green salad.
Snack: fruit or fruit juice (1 cup), 1 sponge cake or cookies.
Dinner: a glass of milk, 2 slices of bread with honey.


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