1200 Calorie DietEffective Weight Loss Diet.

1200 calorie diet



How to Slim down and Tone up – 1200 calorie diet.

On this diet, taking advantage of the special tables of calories or counting -on the Internet, you can make yourself a diet is that you love!

How to Lose weight pan – the Daily limit is 1,200 calories.

It is best to allocate this amount to 5 meals: breakfast 300 kcal, lunch 300 kcal, 300 kcal meal and two snacks of 150 calories. A week without much stress you lose some pounds.

You can eat all low fat and savory foods, very limited quantities.

Do not eat: meat fat, sweets, junk food, nuts, and drink the sweet juices, soft drinks and alcohol.
Disadvantages of 1200 calorie Diet.

Will have to carefully count calories, weigh foods but, because the nutritional value is usually specified silt 100 g of product. Requires consistency.

Benefits OF THE 1200 CALORIE Diet.

It is recommended by nutritionists as an effective and safe for your health. You can sit on this diet 5 for a month without the threat to weaken your body.

1200 calorie diet – Sample menu:
Breakfast: Muesli with low fat yogurt, coffee or tea without milk or sugar.

Lunch: Steamed or baked in foil chicken, cucumber salad with sour cream and dill bread.

Dinner: Rice with strawberries, nonfat yogurt and poured sprinkled with cinnamon, green tea.

This is important!

Before you start with any diet, be sure to check with your doctor. There are a number of diseases in which this or that diet may be harmful  or not at all dangerous. You also need to be careful with diet, if you are pregnant.

When choosing a diet, carefully weigh out the pros and cons. But most importantly – honest to admit, will you be able to follow trough  or not.

If from now you understand  is  the fact that two weeks you might be sitting on a buckwheat and water and it might not be enough, then you should not even start. It is better to choose a diet, which you just make your lifestyle.” Then for the body will benefit, and the spirit from the victory would be High! Luck on your 1200 calorie diet and enjoy the health benefits.


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