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1200 calorie diet



Healthy Weight Loss Pounds per Week – 1200 Calorie Diet.

The 1200 Calorie Diet is based on the principle of daily consumption of 1,200 calories (the mandatory minimum for non-hazardous and healthy weight loss). That’s enough calories for the body for normal functioning.

Thus, reducing the amount of calories, we reduce the body weight.

Many are advised to eat less food to Lose weight, they say, come down, no matter how wrong. If you eat a little, but foods high in calories, then nothing will change. Therefore, we will do the same as usual, but  would make the food less nutritious.

The principle of the 1200 calorie diet is that you want to control calories and plan your diet per day.

1200 calorie diet – How it works:

Make up little list of the foods that you love and plan to eat for a day. Now count the calories for every food. Something that we eliminate- tasty but harmful (e.g crackers and chips), but what a contrast to add.
Following this principle compilation diet, you can achieve significant results. It may be simply a way of life – not just the a how to lose weight goal.
After all, to fill up your tummy, you simply include in the diet more fruits and vegetables.
Sounds good?


1200 calorie diet, a rough menu for the day:

1 slice of bread with
1 cup skim milk
1 banana or apple
If there until lunchtime hunger, eat anything from vegetables (carrot, sweet pepper) or a small apple. Do not forget to drink.

1200 calorie diet – Lunch:
100 gr. fried chicken (breast)
Salad of tomatoes (200g), a little olive oil in it does not interfere.
1 small pear

1200 calorie diet – Dinner:
1 pear
1 cup skim milk.

Again, this is a rough menu for a guide so to speak. It contains just about 1200 calories.

In the case goes “shortfall” in calories, they can always be amended in the interval between lunch and dinner. Apple, pear, banana or something with vegetables.

It is worth remembering that if you had consumed more than 2-3 thousand calories, you need to reduce their count gradually to 300-500 per day. More drastic reduction of calories for the body will be painful – just think of the diet as your using health remedies for your body.

Not excessive, will small phys. load (2-3 simple exercises) is good. Just do not overdo it, calories consumed is not too much.
You should not use the 1200 calorie diet for athletes and people with severe physical exertion. But people with diabetes and it is ideal for vegetarians.

Remember, never try too quickly to lose weight! Thankfully , your body will tell you that …
To effectively lose weight -you  should  do it gradually, and the benefits will be permanent.


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