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 1200 calorie diet weight loss

Healthy Diet and Exercise plan to Lose Weight – 1200 Calorie Diet

This is not just a diet, but hints  to how to make your diet your lifestyle.

So – about the  diet, or more precisely – a healthy lifestyle. That is not that much a diet to lose weight – you can just make it a  way of life.

First of all, a few rules of healthy eating.

There is only a table, not reading, not talking on the phone while eating-staying focused on the process of eating. Not watching TV. Because there are plenty of people who, as they say – i am not hungry. This means that they snack all day and are packing  on hundreds of calories without even realizing it.

Next – for the the majority of modern humans the stomach is increased. You should be strict on the clock and have small portions food. I understand that there are different schedules, but, basically, it’s all excuses – people do not particularly want to do it. Eat about every 2.5-3 hours. Three main meals and three intermediate.
Before each meal drink a glass of water.A bit later I will talk about the 1200 Calorie Diet.

Overall, the day drink at least 10 glasses of water. Water expels toxins from the body, getting better skin, more vigorous overall condition.
Do not go shopping and do not train on an empty stomach. Thus we do not eat half cooked food and do not bring into the home products, we do not need.
Physical exercise – the body perceives the rapid weight loss as a disease, and it takes action – slows down the metabolism. Therefore, the only reason why all the super fast diets are just having short term effect. The Longer you apply it-the better-that is what the 1200 Calorie Diet does. The weight loss should be gradual and  speed sports also  are good- they increase metabolism . As for heavier loads- it is out of the question.

Physical activity at least 4 times per week, brisk walking or 40 minutes continuously, or swimming – 30 minutes continuously, the bike – 20 minutes, a gym, focusing on the track and the bike – 40 minutes. This is quite enough. Like I said, I lost weight quickly and feel great – for 22 lbs out :-))

This is especially the rule. Now – I have a diet for women- 1200 calorie diet.


First – fresh vegetables, steamed, boiled, in salads, in soup – without the limitations, if you just want to chew.


2 slices of light bread, 2 tablespoons cheese 5protsentnogo and vegetables. Or a glass of cornflakes and a glass of milk 1protsentnogo.


Diet yogurt and fruit. The conversation is about the average size of the fruit can be a few cherries, such a plan. Portion of fruit – 50 cal.


Soup vegetables. Chicken breast or chicken thighs, or a piece of fish or soy schnitzel. Small potatoes or half a cup buckwheat or rice, or pasta, or cereal or what. A teaspoon of olive oil or the equivalent – I sent a table of equivalents. Vegetables, fresh or cooked, or both types.

afternoon snack



Two pieces of bread, or three slices of bread, rice – maybe it’s not bread, it’s a bloated pressed rice – the type of foam as :-)) or spoon avocado, hummus -a spoon or a teaspoon of olive oil. 2 tablespoons cottage cheese  or egg – 4 times a week or two slices of sausage (of course, light) or a tuna canned in  water.

What’s good – no need to wrestle with, that is. All necessary health matter is. In addition to that I take regular vitamins and calcium. This diet- 1200 calorie Diet does help you to lose weight.
Maybe I did not say anything new, but maybe this will help. You just wait for your body to adjust,keep maintaining the same diet, do not give up.





Image source: http://www.everydiet.org/

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